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Decretal Federal Law No. (7) Of 2008 Concerning the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare and the Acting Bodies

Decretal Federal Law No. (7) Of 2008
Concerning the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare and the Acting Bodies
We, Khalifa Bin Zayed A I    Nahyan, President of the United Arab
Having considered the Constitution,
Federal law no.  (1)  Of 1972 concerning ministries’ competencies and ministers' powers, and amendments thereof,
Federal law no.  (12)  Of 1972 concerning organization of clubs and associations concerned with youth and sports welfare,
Federal law no.  (8)  Of 1984 concerning commercial companies and amendments thereof,
Penal   Code   promulgated    by Federal Law   No.   (3)  Of   1987   and amendments thereof,
Federal law no.  (25)  Of 1999 concerning the General Authority of
Youth and Sports Welfare and amendments thereof,
Federal law no. (2) Of 2008 concerning non-governmental associations and institutions serving the public interest,
And in view of the presentation made by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Society Development and the approval of the Cabinet,

Issue the following decretal federal law: A article (1) Definitions
For the implementation of the provisions ions hereof, the following words and   phrases    shall   have the   meanings indicated   alongside,   unless otherwise provided for in the context:
State United Arab Emirates
Ministry Ministry of Culture, Youth and Society Development
Minister Minister of Culture, Youth and Society Development
Authority The   General   Authority   of   Youth   and   Sports Welfare
The Board Board of Directors of the Authority
Chairman Chairman   of   the   Board   of   Directors    of   the Authority
Secretariat- General Secretariat-General of the Authority
Secretary General        Secretary General of the Authority
Acting  Bodies Any entity working in the field of youth and sports welfare in the state according to law, including unions, clubs, associations.   Societies, companies and institutions.
Registered Entities Any acting body for which a registration decision is issued from the Authority according to the provisions of this decretal law and the executive regulations thereof.
General  Assembly        The general assembly of the Acting Bodies that shall be found as required by the applicable bylaws thereof.  The genera l  assembly consists  of members satisfying  the membership  requirements  according to the executive regulations thereof.
Board of Directors The Board of Directors of any acting   body that directs the entity's affairs according to its statute.
Professionalism               Practicing   youth   and   sports   activities    and   the related management tasks as a fundamental and professional work.
Union I society Any registered youth or sports organization responsible for management of a certain sport or Activity.
Club An organization dedicated   for youth and sports activities.
Association Independent group responsible for the affairs of any profession or activity related to youth and sports.
Chapter 1
Establishment of the Authority, Goals and Powers
Article (2)
A general authority shall be established under the name of "The General Authority   for Youth and Sports Welfare."  Such  authority  shalt  have legal  personality  and  administrative  and  financial  independency,  and shall report to the Minister.
Article (3)
The head office of the Authority shall be in Abu Dhabi. The Authority may  have  other  branches  and  hold  its  meetings  in  any  other  place outside  the State, upon a decision made by the Board.
Article (4)
The Authority shall be the supreme body concerned with youth, their affairs and activities in the State. It shall be the administrative body concerned with whatever affairs related to youth and sports welfare, including   settlement   of any   complaints   and   grievances   submitted thereto.  All the Acting Bodies shall implement and execute the decisions made by the Authority in this regard according to the provisions of this decretal law and regulations thereof.
Article (5)
The authority shall achieve the following purposes:

l.   Refining and freeing youth's energies, abilities and creativity in a healthy   environment to ensure their welfare according to the highest international standards.
2.   Spreading sports culture and optimizing the spot1ing performance of individuals and institutions to reach the highest international standards.
3.  Enhancing youth’s national identity, managing and investing their
Free times, discovering and developing their skills, infusing them with   the   spirit   of   belongingness and   encouraging   them   to participate in voluntary work.
4.   Eliminating use of stimulants in the sporting fields, setting a
General   policy for this purpose and following   up execution thereof.
Article (6)
To achieve its goals, the authority shall have the following powers:
(A) Supporting, following up and coordinating   the works of the Acting Bodies, and proposing the best methods to develop and improve their performance.
(B) Caring for the talented persons and scientifically, culturally and
Sportingly   distinguished   persons,   upgrading their skills   and developing their participations.
(C) Reinforcing    and   strengthening   the   Arab   and     international
Relations through sports and you the activities, holding seminars, conferences and workshops in this regard.
(D) Coordinating with the Olympic committee and other entities concerning Olympics   participation, any other participation or joint activities.
(E) Coordinating with spo11s councils and local governments concerning   youth   and   sporting   activities   practiced   in each emirate.
(F)  Maintaining and developing the national sports.
(G) Seeking  to create  healthy and suitable atmosphere  for creativity in  sporting   and  youth  fields,  giving   the  private  sector   the opportunity                to   participate    in   this    regard,    entering    into partnerships  with all the concerned  authorities  to improve  the levels of sports and youth performance.
(H) Making social researches and studies related to youth welfare
And offering proposals in this regard.

Article (7)
I.  The   Authority   shall,  solely,  have  the  right   to  make decisions   concerning  registration  or  integration  of  the Acting   Bodies,   cancellation   or   suspension    of   their activities.
2.  The Authority may have the right to approve structures, organizational, administrative and financial regulations of the registered entities.
3.  Prior consent shall be obtained from the Authority before
Issuance of licenses for private sports centers and clubs according to the executive regulations.
Chapter 2
Authority Management
Article (8)
The Authority shall be managed by a Board chaired by the Minister, including deputy chairman and a number of members having experience in youth and sports   affairs in the State.  Those members shall be nominated by the Minister.  A resolution shall be issued by the Cabinet regarding their appointment and remunerations.
The  Deputy  Chairman  shall  exercise  the  powers  of  the  chairman   m absence of the latter.
Article (9)
Membership of the Board shall be for a renewable period of four years.
Article (10)
The Board shall exercise the following powers:
1.  Setting the general policy of the youth and sports sector in the State in coordination with the concerned authorities and following up on execution thereof
2.  Developing plans and programs to achieve the goals of the

3.  Approving plans and programs aiming at investing and managing   youth's   free times,   developing   their skills, improving   their physical     fitness, encouraging   them to work and helping them to perceive the importance of participation in public services.
4.  Developing plans and programs necessary   to train and prepare young national sports leaders, develop their administrative and technical skills.
5.  Approving plans, programs, bylaws and regulations that
Organize, revive and develop the youth welfare sector in the State.
6.  Proposing legislations that organize the youth and sports welfare sector in the State.
7. Approving regulations required to organize work in the Authority,    including   the   administrative   and   financial regulations.
8.  Proposing the organizational structure of the Authority and submitting it to the Cabinet for approval.
9.  Proposing   statute   for   personnel   affairs    to   which   a resolution shall be issued by the Cabinet.
10. Approving   the          annual   administrative and        technical
Reports, attesting the draft balance sheet and final account of the Authority in preparation for approval thereof by the Cabinet.
11. Issuing registration decisions for the Acting Bodies.
12. Accepting    donations   and   grants   that   are   not   in contradiction to the goals of the Authority.
13. Settling   complaints   and grievances   submitted   to   the
Authority by the Acting Bodies.
14. Forming Boards of Directors of sports unions, when necessary.
15. Attesting   international agreements   concluded   with the Authority in relation to youth and sports before submitting to the Cabinet.
16. Any other powers entrusted to the Authority by law or a
Cabinet resolution.
Article (11)
The Board shall   held six meetings annually   upon a call from the
Chairman.  The Chairman of the Board may call for an exceptional

meeting  of  the  Board  upon  request  by  the  general  secretary  or  five members of the Board.
Article (12)
Meetings of the Board will only be valid by attendance of the majority of members,   including   the Chairman or Deputy   Chairman.   Board decisions shall be approved by majority of votes.  If there is a tie, the chairman has a casting vote.
The   Board   may   invite   to   its  meetings  any   person   (s)   it  deems experienced   in  the  proposed  issues  to seek  their  help  and  opinions. However, such person (s) shall not vote when voting for decisions of the Board.
Board’s discussions and decisions shall be recorded   in minutes of meeting signed by the Chairman and the general secretary of the Board. If a meeting of the Board held to consider a matter related to an entity, supervised by the Authority. Where a member of the Authority Board is also a member or an employee therein, the member shall not attend the meeting.
Article (13)
The Board has the right to form, out of its members, one or more subcommittee (s) to study and examine matters related to the powers of the Board. The subcommittee (s) shall submit recommendations to the Board to take the necessary actions accordingly.
Article {14)
Membership shall be cancelled if a Board member did not attend three consecutive meetings or five inconsecutive meetings of the Board, with no reasonable cause.
Article (15)
The Chairman   of   the Board shall be entrusted   with the following powers:
1.  Representing the Authority inside and outside the State.

2.   Issuing decisions approved by the Board of Directors and signing correspondences issued on his behalf.
3.  Approving contracts and agreements, where the Authority is a
Party, according to the regulations applied in the Authority.
4.  Undertaking responsibilities entrusted to by the Board.
Chapter 3
The Secretariat-General
Article (16)
1.  The Authority shall have secretariat-general presided by a secretary general that has competence, efficiency and experience.  The secretariat general shall consist of one or more Assistant Secretary Genera l and a number of departments and sections according to the organizational structure of the Authority. A federal decree shall be issued concerning appointment of the Secretary General and assistant secretary general upon nomination thereof by the Minister.
2.  The   Secretary   General         of   the   Authority           shall   be               the         legal
Representative thereof.
Article {17)
The  Board  shall   have  the  right  to  originate,  cancel  or  integrate  any section   in  the   organizational   structure   upon  a  proposal   from  the Secretary General.
Article (18)
The Secretary General shall be the president of the executive body of the Authority.  He shall supervise the Secretariat General, conduct its affairs, execute  the  Authority's  policy  and  the Board's  decisions,  coordinate works  among  the  executive  bodies of the  Authority,  examine  reports thereof,   suggest    and   submit   the   required   reports   to   the   Board accordingly.
In particular, the Secretary General shall be entrusted with the following tasks:
1.  Organizing   the Board’s agenda, arranging the Issues included therein and preparing the related documents.

2.   Ensuring   that   the   Board's   minutes   of   meeting,   decisions, recommendations and proposals are recorded and communicated to the concerned authorities.
3.   Coordinating works of the subcommittees formed by the Board.
4.   Forming committees in the Secretariat General and following up their works.
5.  Making and submitting the annual administrative and financial
Reports on the Authority's works to the Board.
6.  Proposing and submitting the draft annual balance sheet and final account of the Authority to the Board.
7.   Undertaking any other tasks entrusted to by the Chairman.
8.  Proposing and submitting any amendments to the organizational structure of the Authority to the Board.
The  Secretary   General  may  entrust  some  of  his  powers  to  any assistant secretary  general of the Authority.
Chapter 4
The Financial Affairs
Article (19)
The fiscal year of the Authority shall commence on 1st of January and end on the 3 1th of December in each year. The first fiscal year of the Authority shall commence from the date on which this decretal law come into effect and shall end on the 31th of December in the following year.
Article (20)
Transfer  in between items may be made upon a decision from the Chairman   and  transfer  in  between  chapters  may  be  made  by  a decision  from the Board.
Article (21)
Annual   revenues of the Authority shall come from the following sources:
1.  Appropriations dedicated for the Authority by the State in the balance sheet.

2.   Donations,   subsidies,   grants, wills and endowments that the Board accepts, provided that they are not in contradiction to the goals of the Authority.
Article (22)
In  case  of  dissolving  a  union,  society,  assoc1atwn, committee  or center, which is an affiliate to the Authority, all assets, properties and investments  thereof shall pass to the Authority.
Article (23)
The funds of the Authority shall be deemed public funds.  The
Authority shall be exempted from taxes and fees.
Chapter 5
The Acting Bodies
Article (24)
The provisions hereof shall apply to all the Acting Bodies in the State. The Acting Bodies shall not practice any activity unless the necessary    licenses   are   obtained   from   the   Authority   and   the procedures or requirements are followed and fulfilled according to this     decretal     law,    regulations    and     resolutions     issued     m implementation thereof.
Article (25)
To obtain a license for an acting body, the following requirements shall be fulfilled:
1.  The founders shall be nationals of the State.
2.   A permanent location to practice the activities therein.
3.  The statute of the entity shall be established according to law.
4.   Approval of the concerned authorities shall be obtained.
5.   Other requirements made by the Authority shall be fulfilled.
The executive regulations hereof set forth the licensing procedures to the Acting Bodies and all matters pertaining to their activities and work system.

Article (26)
The   Acting   Body   shall   have the legal personality,   under the provisions hereof, through registration by the Authority. It shall have the  legal  capacity  to carry  out all  necessary  works  and  actions  to achieve  its  purposes  and  goals,  including  contracting  with  third parties  and exercising  the  right of litigation. Statute of the Acting body shall be published in the Official Gazette.
Article (27)
Each registered entity shall open a bank account in the State in its registered name and shall keep accounting records according to the accounting rules and standards applied in the State. Each registered entity shall appoint an authorized auditor.
Article (28)
The functions of the ordinary general assembly of the Acting Bodies shall be as follows:
1.  Setting the general policy for the Acting Bodies and making proposals to improve their performance.
2.   Electing members of the Board of Directors.
3.  Approving the financial and administrative reports.
4.  Approving the draft balance sheet and final account of the ended fiscal year and the draft budget of the following year.
5.  Appointing an auditor.
6.  Approving   the resolutions regulating the work of the Acting
7.   Agreeing on membership of new members.
8.  considering any other issues referred thereto by the Board of
Di rectors.
Article (29)
1.  The ordinary general assembly shall be held once per year during the first three months following the end of the fiscal year. The members shall be called for the ordinary general assembly at least fifteen days before its scheduled date or upon a call from the Board of Directors, whenever necessary.

2.                            The Extraordinary  General Assembly shall  be held upon a call from the Board of Directors, a call from the absolute majority of members  who  paid  their  subscription  fees  or  upon  a  justified request from the Authority.
3.  Call for the ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies and
Their   working   procedures   shall be   in accordance   with the executive regulations.
Article (30)
The functions of the extraordinary general assembly shall be as follows:
1.  Making decisions regarding resignations submitted by all or some members of the Board of Directors, if such resignation will be in violation of the quorum of the Board.
2.  Terminating the membership of one or more members of the
Board of Directors.
3.  Filling the vacant positions whenever necessary to maintain the quorum of the Board of Directors.
4.   Dissolving the Board of Directors.
5. Agreeing on dissolution or integration of a union, society or association.
6.  Canceling any decision made by the Board of Directors.
7.  Proposing   and submitting amendments to the statute   to the
Authority for approval.
Article (31)
The registered clubs and societies  may mutually form unions according to  the  terms  and  conditions  determined  by the executive  regulations hereof,  provided  that  each  club and society shall  maintain  its activity and legal personality.
Article (32)
The registered entities shall be exempted from any fees on matches made, events held and activities practiced thereby.

Article (33)
The Acting Bodies shall practice their activities according to their goals and purposes stipulated for in their statutes, and shall follow the rules and instructions issued by the Authority. They shall not engage in any political activity or evoke religious, sectarian or ethnic disputes.
Article (34)
The  Acting  Bodies  shall  not  practice any  of  the following  activities without  obtaining prior consent from the Authority according to the executive  regulations:
1.  Representing the State or participating in its name in any youth or sports events held outside the State, or inviting entities practicing activities similar to those practiced by the Acting Bodies in the State.
2.  Hosting, organizing or coordinating activities, championships, tournaments   or youth or sports events, whether formally   or friendly, in the State.
3.  Joining any foreign entity for youth or sports or concluding agreements therewith.
4.  Accepting and exchanging donations, and the like, with foreign persons or entities, excluding sports tools, scientific and technical books     and    magazines,    in   accordance   with   the   executive regulations.
Article (35)
The established statutes of the Acting Bodies shall not contradict the applicable laws, regulations and resolutions.
Article (36)
The Acting Bodies shall abide by the terms and conditions stipulated for in the executive regulations hereof
Article (37)
Resources of the registered entities shall consist of the following:
1.  Any subsidies from the Authority or the local governments.

2.  Subscription fees of the members
3.  Donations, grants and wills accepted by the Authority
4.  Revenues from marketing, events and activities
5.  Returns from funds investment
Article (38)
1. The    registered    Acting   Bodies   may   apply   a   special professionalism system, provided that such system shall not be in contradiction to the professionalism regulations of the Authority.
2.  According   to   the   executive   regulations,   youth   and   sports
Activities and the related management tasks may be carried out by commercial institutions or companies established or founded for this purpose, and any registered entity may be converted to a commercial   institution or company, provided that its activities shall be subject to the control of the Authority.
Article (39)
The Authority shall make administrative investigations with the Acting Bodies    in   case   of   violating   the   provisions,   rules   and   executive regulations hereof.
Article (40)
1.  The disciplinary penalties. Which may be imposed on the Acting
Bodies that violate the provisions hereof, shall be as follows:
a.   Notification
b.  A  fine  of  ten  thousand  AED  as  a  minimum  and  one hundred thousand AED as a maximum.
c.   A fine of one million AED as a maximum.
d.   Suspending the activity of the Acting Body for one or two season (s).
e.   Dissolving the Board of Directors.
f.                             Withdrawing   or   canceling   the   license   issued   to   the licensed entity.
g. Dissolving   the   Acting Body or canceling   registration thereof
2.  The Chairman has the right to impose any of the two penalties stated for in (a) and (b). Penalties stated for in other clauses shall be imposed by the Board.

3.  No penalty may be imposed unless a written investigation has been made according to the rules stipulated for in this regard.
4.  The   executive   regulations hereof   determine         the         rules      of
Article (41)
Without  prejudice  to any severer  penalty stated  for in any other  law, whoever  practices, organizes  or carries out any activity stipulated  for herein without  obtaining prior consent from the Authority and following the  procedures  required   according  to  the  provisions   and  executive regulations  hereof shall be penalized by a fine of at least fifty thousand (50,000)   AED   and   two  million  (2,000,000)   AED  as  a  maximum. Moreover, the competent government may close the entity committing such an act.
Penalty shall be duplicated in case of recurrence.
Article (42)
Employees appointed  through a decision made by the Minister of Justice in  agreement  with  the  Chairman shall  act,  within  their  functions,  as judicial officers  to identify any violations to the provisions hereof, the executive  regulations  and resolutions issued in implementation hereof.
Chapter 6
General Provisions
Article (43)
Entities that are subject to the provisions hereof shall harmonize their situations according to the provisions hereof, within six months from the effective date of this decretal law.
Article (44)
The Authority established under the provisions hereof shall replace the
Youth and Sports Authority established under Federal Law No. (25) Of

The Board shall issue the necessary regulations. Rules and resolutions for the implementation of the provisions hereof
Article (45)
Civil service laws and rules applicable in the federal government shall apply to employees and personnel of the Authority regarding any issue not covered in this decretal law and in the personnel affairs regulations.
Article (46)
Federal law no. (12) Of 1972 and Federal law No. (25) Of 1999 shall be null and void.
Article (47)
Any  provisions   or  clauses  in violation  of  or  in contradiction  to  this decretal law shall  be null and void.
Article (48)
This Decree shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into force on the date of its publication.
Khalifa’ Bin Zaid AI Nahant, President of the United Arab Emirates
Issued by us in Abu Dhabi:
On 25111 of Ramadan, 1 429 A.H. Corresponding to 25111 of September, 2008