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TE Memberships
for the Season 2016/2017
Player Memberships: (TEPIN)
Players wishing to compete in open or closed events, ranking or non-ranking tournaments must have a TEPIN (Tennis Emirates Personal Identification Number).
For registration Players must do the following:-
Step 1-
Visit the TE website, select the player registration form, fill out the form and attach the required documents.
Step 2-
 After filling out the form online please specify the following:
Team Player: can participate in Singles, Doubles and Teams Events.
Individual Player: can only play Singles and Doubles Events.
Important Note: Individual Players cannot compete in Team competitions.
During the Sport Season individual players can change their status to a Team Player if:
They submit a change of status and pay the related fees.
A Team Player can move from a tennis institution to another if:
They receive an NOC from their original institution.
The change is only allowed on:
Option 1- During the month of June “01st – 30th June midnight”.
Option 2- During the month of December “01st – 31st December midnight”.
With payment of related fees
With payment of education fees to their original institution (TBD by TE)
Step 3-
To receive a link from the TE Admin to complete the registration process.
Step 4-
 After the registration process is complete applicant will receive a confirmation email, TE approval and the registration fees must be paid.
Step 5-
The payment has to be processed online or by cash at TE office.
 Step 6-
 The TE card needs to be collected in 10 working days by:
The institution administrator for Team Players from TE office.
By the applicant from TE office for Individuals.
Important Note:
The institution admin must visit TE office and present original ID or original Passport for all applicants in order to collect the TE Card.
 The Individual player must visit TE office and present original ID or original Passport in order to collect the TE Card.