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Sport Medical Center

The Sports Medicine Center was established in 2004 and prepared according to the state-of-the-art scientific fruitful means in the field of sports medicine, being a basic requirement and a main supplemental sports elements to meet the needs of sports and youth sector needs in the UAE. It provides all types of medical and physical therapy and rehab treatment of players.
The Center consists of several departments such as nursing, physical metering, anthropology, examination, diagnosis, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, relaxation, recovery, health awareness, statistics and research and laboratory.
1.     To lay down adequate plans and programs to spread health awareness among community members in general, and young people in particular.
2.     To provide necessary consultations and assistance to the medical units of the sports clubs in the UAE.
3.     To provide necessary health and medical care to members of the youth and sports agencies, associations and clubs supervised by the Center. Such care includes medical consultations, diagnosis and treatment.
4.     To coordinate with similar GCC, Arab and international medical centers to make use of the research, studies and developments in the field of sports medical and health care.
5.     To coordinate with the competent agencies in the UAE to provide necessary medical treatment and care to special cases in specialized hospitals inside and outside the UAE.
6.     To rehab injured by adequate means.
7.     To provide companion specialists to our products in the sports camps, championships and tournaments inside and outside the UAE.
8.     To conduct research and studies which improve sports operation. Such research and studies to cover different fields of training, means of improvement, feedback and modern means of physiotherapy.
9.     To coordinate with sports federations in the UAE in respect to the provision of healthcare and treatment to the players of national teams inside and outside the UAE.
10.  To hold courses and conferences in the fields of sports medicine in particular and health awareness in general.
11.  To issue specialized magazines and circulars in the field of sports medicine and health awareness and encourage the scholars in this field.

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The center is located in Qusais next to the Lulu Hypermarket behind the metro station